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With Miles being so popular it's really hard to keep a good selection of Miles Davis LPs in stock, so this little lot should fill the Miles section for a few days. Don't forget we're open tomorrow 12 - 5 and it's double discount day for our card holders.

Just to remind everyone that we have double discount days on both Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday, so when you've had enough of the sunshine you can come and cool down by looking through our stock.

Some people have asked us to add a price range, we haven't because the range of prices varies, we have albums and singles starting at £1 and working out less if you go for a multiple deal or have a discount card, so should we start at £1, 50p, 45p or 40p? All are possible, likewise what is our highest price, currently I think we have something at £600, but if the right records come in it could be £1,000 or £1500, if the top priced item sells then the high end might be £400. So the reason we don't add a price range is because it's not fixed, but we have LPs, singles, DVDs and CDs starting at £1 and the vast bulk of our stock is priced under £15 and even the higher priced items hopefully aren't expensive for what they are.